A Facebook messenger screenshot went viral this year when someone rejected a potential roommate because they were a Capricorn. Astrologers recoiled and spoke up against “using astrology for evil.” But what does a professional astrologer have to say about how each sign acts as a roommate? Randon Rosenbohm breaks down each sign for us in this series, starting with the first sign of the zodiac: Aries.

Aries as a Roommate

Good communication skills are key when sharing a living space with Aries. If you can be outspoken about the things that are bothering you around the apartment, you can be Aries’ ideal roommate no matter your sun sign. Whether it’s dirty dishes piling up in the sink or cabinet doors always left hanging open, the trick is to be direct. If you don’t tell your Aries roommate about something that’s annoying you, they’re not going to notice—they’ll be too busy doing their own thing.

If you end up in a fight with Aries, they will forgive and forget as soon as it’s over. The roommate of an Aries ought to know how to apologize and compromise with diplomatic grace. Having a sense of humor and charisma doesn’t hurt, either.

When it comes to their ideal living space, Aries looks for a dependable kitchen and bathroom with good plumbing. The toilet must flush reliably, and the drains should have screens on them to keep from clogging. Keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean is a good way to make your Aries roommate feel at home—that way, you don’t have to worry about what is happening in Aries’s room, which is likely littered with sentimental chachkis, family photos, and piles of clothes.

Aries uses their apartment to host their inner circle, so if their bedroom is too small to fit a group of friends, the living room should be available to throw parties and hold game nights. Aries is happy to play host, be it a small dinner party or a more intimate invitation back to their place at the end of a good date.

Befriending your Aries roommate is a good move. Although they are the zodiac’s most independent, they prefer to live with people who don’t shut themselves in their rooms. Our ideal roommate matches for Aries are Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. (Honorable mention goes to Sagittarius.)

Best Roommates for Aries

Aries and Gemini are a productive pairing. Aries can take initiative on household tasks and lead the way, while Gemini handles the details. They are excellent collaborators. Gemini is a rational sign whom Aries can confront and be direct with if conflict arises. Aries doesn’t have to worry about hurting Gemini’s ego when they ask Gemini to take care of the dishes. Plus, Gemini knows how to retort if Aries is being too flippant, which gains Aries’s respect.

Aries views Gemini as a sibling, so sharing an apartment together makes Aries feel like they have found a long-lost twin. Gemini views Aries as a great friend, who is cool and well-connected. If the time comes for them to move, they can help each other find new roommates through their respective networks. Gemini finds Aries a new place through word of mouth, and Aries finds Gemini a new place on the Internet, like Caretaker.

Aquarius loves having Aries as a roommate! To Aquarius, Aries gives off a cute youngest child vibe; to Aries, Aquarius is like a cool older sibling with a weed delivery service and a niche blog. In classic cool-older-sibling style, Aquarius has interesting friends and knows all of the people whom Aries wants to know, so Aries enjoys hanging out with them. They’re someone that Aries wants to be seen with in public.

They can agree on—or have productive conversations about, at least—politics or community organizing. (Their roommate relationship has the potential to get to that level of intimacy!) The astrological pairing suggests that it can. Together, they can throw a house party and invite all of their neighbors, their siblings, and their siblings’ neighbors. Their apartment will likely become a central hub in their communities: the spot where everyone meets before the rent hike protest, or even just watches the Super Bowl.

Aries and Leo could be former college roommates who met playing beer pong; now their kitchen cabinets are overflowing with all the dishes the five past roommates left behind. Or maybe they’re the pair that went from roommates to significant others because Aries, in classic Aries fashion, impulsively broke the golden rule of not hooking up with people you live with. Or maybe they’re already dating and decided to move in together!

All scenarios aside, these two are great friends who love each other’s company. Living together is easy because being friends is easy, and they genuinely enjoy sharing space. Bedroom doors are likely never closed in an apartment shared by Aries and Leo. Aries wants to watch whatever movies Leo suggests, and Leo wants to hear Aries’s hot takes on the film. Leo listens to the stories Aries has to tell, and Aries is endlessly entertained by Leo’s drama. It’s a social pairing, and they can host legendary house parties.

Aries and Libra are the embodiment of “opposites attract”. It has been said by another astrologer that a Libra is just an Aries who went to charm school, and it rings true when observing the signs sharing a living space. They are simply two sides of the same coin: Aries is the sign of the individual, and Libra is the sign of the couple. They balance each other out. Both signs have an agenda, but Libra’s diplomacy and gentle suggestions let Aries feel like they leading the way—which is what Aries loves doing! And Libra loves to follow. The two signs both end up getting what they want, harmoniously.

Aries is stereotypically hot-tempered and won’t think twice about butting heads with anyone who challenges them. Libra, on the other hand, can’t stand confrontation. That makes Libra a great middleman. If Aries’ brash nature causes conflict with the landlord (or even another roommate), Libra can cunningly smooth things over like nothing ever happened.

Aries and Cancer may not always agree on everything, but they make a powerful duo as roommates. They’re both skilled communicators, so they can talk through whatever interpersonal conflicts may arise. This gives them a pragmatic edge that encourages them to constantly improve their life together. Eventually Aries and Cancer reach a mutual agreement, naturally, once they delegate who is in charge of which household tasks.

These are two signs that take initiative. If Aries and Cancer are sharing a space, there’s never a dull moment. They’re the kind of roommates who want to tackle DIY repairs together or decorate a new place from the ground up. Aries loves new stuff, or being the first to do things, so collaborating with the zodiac’s domestic crab, Cancer, on a home improvement project is a way for Aries to get active and funnel their high energy. As roommates, Aries and Cancer will have success scheduling weekly cleaning days.

Aries loves the comforts of having a Cancer roommate, but Cancer might find Aries to be a little commanding. If Cancer still wanted to live with their mom, they would! For Aries, living with a Cancer feels natural and familial. Cancer can remind Aries of their hard-shelled but soft-hearted, snack-wielding father. These are signs that could take responsibility for each other like only a parent could.

Randon Rosenbohm is a professional consulting astrologer with horoscopes currently in Vice, Astro Guide, and EXBerliner. She is learning German in Berlin where she lives with her beloved cat. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.


Randon Rosenbohm

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