A Facebook messenger screenshot went viral this year when someone rejected a potential roommate because they were a Capricorn. Astrologers recoiled and spoke up against “using astrology for evil.” But what does a professional astrologer have to say about how each sign acts as a roommate? Randon Rosenbohm breaks down each sign for us in this series. This week we focus on the third sign in the astrological calendar: Gemini.

Gemini as a Roommate

Subletting was probably invented by Gemini. Ruled by Mercury—the fickle, mercurial planet—this zodiac sign thrives on change. Gemini is quick on their feet and can quickly adapt to new living situations, whether it’s figuring out the quirks of a different set of appliances or adjusting to new roommates. They’re also an experimenter who learns through trial and error. Don’t be surprised if they rearrange the furniture a few times! If you find yourself living with Gemini, showcase your ability to remain flexible.

Mercury is also the planet of communication, skilled labor, and information, which means Gemini wants to know how things work. They’re talented tinkerers, the perfect person to help you assemble your new IKEA dresser. Gemini is smart and can figure things out intuitively, so they don’t always need to play by the rules. Mythologically speaking, Mercury is a trickster—something that’ll be on full display during game night. Hang onto your ego if you’re the competitive type. Play Scrabble or Bananagrams with Gemini if you’re good at taking an L.

We astrologers refer to Gemini as a “mutable modality”—that is, a sign that signals the end of one season and the beginning of another. Mutable signs like Gemini (plus Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) get everything organized and prepared so a fresh start can occur the following season. They like to keep busy. Gemini would thrive in a home with a garden where they can peacefully labor over something wholesome and tedious, away from the demands of the world. Caring for pets or maintaining a bird feeder would also be up their alley.

Beyond plants and pets, Pinterest-esque projects like meal prep or color-coding bookshelves could also keep Gemini entertained. Whatever their craft, Gemini will be happiest with a dedicated space for their work in the home—whether it’s an aspirational display of beautiful kitchenware, a disorganized cabinet of power tools, or a mini-fridge for their beauty products. Gemini can quickly make friends with anyone. While they can argue with a brick wall, they can also figure out how to charm the most heinous curmudgeons. They are very observant and can maneuver their way out of any sticky situation with wit and tact. Our roommate matches for Gemini are Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries.

Gemini and Leo are a roommate match made in heaven. Many people have a hard time keeping up with Gemini’s clever antics, but not Leo. If anything, they are charmed, even entertained! Although Gemini has a reputation for dishonesty, they are simply testing the waters—it’s meant to be playful, not facetious. Leo understands this type of drama and self-expression. There’s nothing left unsaid between these two, and any miscommunications are cleared up quickly.

In Leo’s eyes, Gemini is trendy and well-connected, which aligns with Leo’s affinity for glamor and fame. Leo loves how Gemini keeps them up-to-date on current trends and gossip; Gemini loves how Leo is available to text or call whenever they have news to share.

These are two signs which are both very popular and socially active in their own right. They might hang out together—or they might have their own things going on—but either way, they get along swimmingly. Leo doesn’t mind if Gemini invites their friends over or throws a party. Leo loves parties! Gemini is the sign of communication and finds Leo incredibly easy to talk to. At the end of the day, all Gemini wants to do is talk, and all Leo wants to do is have fun.

While most conventional astrological compatibility interpretations would say that these two signs are at odds, more often than not, they actually get along! That’s because both are ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. As roommates, they are a productive team. Neither is afraid to approach complicated bureaucratic tasks, making them a dynamic duo that can tackle the nitty-gritty of detail-oriented work.

While they might have some personal friction and conflicting agendas, both are smart, cordial, and communicative enough to solve any problems and figure out how to compromise when necessary. Conflict only makes them stronger and more pragmatic. These two can get a lot done together! They both love to help, especially Virgo, whose love language is often “acts of service.” Each can each easily pick up where the other left off—but Gemini should make sure to do their own dishes instead of relying on Virgo to quietly clean up after everyone.

Virgo is known for being regimented and thriving on routine, while Gemini usually opts for spontaneity and going with the flow. But as roommates, they can rub off on each other—Virgo can teach Gemini how to find pleasure in staying on top of their schedule, and Gemini can show Virgo that it’s okay to let things slide sometimes. Endlessly patient Virgo can also pick up Gemini’s too-cool-for-school slack when they forget the pot boiling on the stove because they’re already preoccupied by the next thing.

This is a pair that loves to entertain. Game nights, trivia nights, craft nights—they’ll host literally whatever. Their parties are legendary. With their powers combined, they can put together an impressive guest list. Both signs can get along with anyone, so they have no problem if the other wants to have people over. Of course, Libra—a sign obsessed with etiquette and manners—would want Gemini to check with them first, even if their answer is always yes.

That said, not everyone is a party girl! Even if these roommates are the atypical introverted Gemini and Libra, they are compatible in the sense that they are both air signs, and thus relate to the world through ideas and intellect rather than emotions (like water signs) or hard evidence (like earth signs). That certainly isn’t to say that they aren’t emotional or practical, but they simply like to think about why things are the way they are. They’ve probably bonded on an intellectual, if not social, plane. They can maintain a marathon of a conversation, exhausting every possibility imaginable through their thorough, playful investigations. (This is a pair who can definitely talk their way into a good deal on an apartment.) Both are very artistic and intelligent and, between the two of them, their place can have an enviable collection of magazines, music, or zines.

If they aren’t already friends before moving in together, then it will probably happen sooner rather than later. These two can be close friends, even lovers, with ease. There’s a good chance they’ll stay connected after the lease is up and Libra has moved in with their latest flavor of the week.

Directly across from each other on the zodiac wheel, these two signs are a testament to the phrase “opposites attract.” Sagittarius looks at the bigger picture—they’re the one with an ambitious dream of repainting the entire apartment—while Gemini deals with the details. Gemini compiles research and Sagittarius presents it, making it easy and efficient for them to find a third roommate, if necessary.

These are two very philosophical signs, and discussions are always lively. They can bond over films, books, and big ideas. Gemini shows Sagittarius how to make their dreams a reality by making administrative tasks and research seem less intimidating, while Sagittarius teaches Gemini about literally anything that they’re curious about! In this way, they are a perfect match. Sagittarius is the teacher of the zodiac and Gemini the student.

Sagittarius has more than enough energy to go around the world and back. Gemini, on the other hand, is the sign of duality and needs just as much rest as they do social stimulation. Sagittarius should respect Gemini’s downtime and give them space to recharge if their door is closed.

While Sagittarius, ruled by generous Jupiter, has no problem with sharing groceries or shampoo, Gemini may be more particular about what is and isn’t communal. Gemini labels their stuff (they love semiotics), while Sagittarius would spend money on household supplies without issuing a single Venmo request. They need to find a way to meet halfway! Gemini keeps tabs on things that go completely unnoticed by Sagittarius—like cleaning, for instance. They should discuss and nail down an agreed-upon standard of cleanliness. From there, a chore chart or a flexible weekly cleaning day could be a good idea. As long as their different viewpoints are seen as an opportunity for collaboration rather than an irreconcilable disagreement, these two are a sturdy, complimentary dynamic.

These are two legendary collaborators. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is a leader and fearless initiator. Gemini follows through on whatever research is necessary to see their collective vision through to the end. With their powers combined, there isn’t much they can’t accomplish. They can easily negotiate any rental contract—Gemini can sort through the paperwork, and Aries can confront pushy brokers or landlords with courage and persistence.

They also know how to have fun together—and, most importantly, cohabitate. While Aries is not afraid of an argument, Gemini can teach them that communication is easier before things reach the point of confrontation. Aries tends to focus on whatever is right in front of them, but Gemini is more likely to make plans (even if they change their mind about it seconds later). Gemini enjoys chatting and likes to discuss their thoughts about the apartment with Aries. Dinner doubles as a house meeting where important info is shared. Aries is someone that Gemini feels comfortable talking to, as well.

Aries has no problem asking Gemini if they can invite their friends over, and Gemini doesn’t mind at all. If they aren’t already friends, Gemini can easily integrate into Aries’ friend group and develop new friendships of their own. Aries is very well-connected and fun, and Gemini may find themselves wanting to go out with them. Gemini loves finding themselves tagged in Aries’ posts, and Aries enjoys getting text messages and updates from Gemini.

Check out the first two articles in this series: Aries as a roommate and Taurus as a roommate.

Randon Rosenbohm is a professional consulting astrologer with horoscopes currently in Vice, Astro Guide, and EXBerliner. She is learning German in Berlin where she lives with her beloved cat. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.


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