A Facebook messenger screenshot went viral this year when someone rejected a potential roommate because they were a Capricorn. Astrologers recoiled and spoke up against “using astrology for evil.” But what does a professional astrologer have to say about how each sign acts as a roommate? Randon Rosenbohm breaks down each sign for us in this series. This week we focus on the second sign in the astrological calendar: Taurus.

Taurus as a Roommate

Taurus is a stylish homebody, happiest in a luxurious and fashionable apartment. They are very sensitive to aesthetics. If their decor is mismatched or ugly in even the slightest way, chances are Taurus feels off-balance. They love home improvement and beautification projects, so give them the freedom to make the place their own. Keep Taurus content with fresh flowers and thriving plants. (Since they’re an earth sign, they often have a green thumb!) If you’re willing to collaborate with Taurus to make your shared home completely gorgeous— whether that means splitting the bill on a beautiful mid-century sofa or going thrifting together to find diamonds in the rough—then they are the roommate for you. Taurus takes pride in having a home filled with conversation pieces they can show off to guests. Artwork, often handsomely framed, might line the beautifully repainted walls. If they’re more trendy than traditional (Uranus recently entered Taurus, bestowing the typically classic sign with an unpredictable streak), then maybe they recently experimented with organizing their extensive book collection by color. They could have a rare map collection that they want to tell you about, or some controversial antique for them to play devil’s advocate over. Oh, and if you have a book that Taurus could borrow, that would be great.

It’s impossible to talk about Taurus in the 21st century without mentioning food. If you want to live with Taurus, you must be able to share meals. You’ll bond—and have significant conversations—over plates of their favorite food. Make a meal plan, or schedule regular dinner dates in place of house meetings. Teach Taurus your family recipes, or, better yet, cook for them! Taurus can connect deeply with their roommates, and truly bond if they feel as though it’s safe to share their inner thoughts. Safety is key—without it, they can seem guarded and closed off. Showing your soft, sincere, and vulnerable side to Taurus is a good way to get them to cozy up to you. Once you get to know your Taurus roommate well, they won’t mind being introduced to your family members (or introducing you to theirs). In a best-case scenario, Taurus feels like their roommates’ extended family.

Taurus pairs well with a more austere roommate, whether that applies to their style or personality. Taurus has no qualms living with someone who is reserved, as long as their creature comforts are within reach. It’s an added bonus if their roommate leaves town frequently for work, coming home every so often to share extravagant, mobster-style dinners featuring multiple courses and a good bottle of wine—that is, if y’all drink. Taurus is a fixed sign, so once they’ve made up their mind to quit drinking, they’re likely not going to cave in. If you can give your Taurus personal space—as well as your unwavering support and a beautiful home that they can be proud of—then you can make the cut as their roommate. (It’s a lot to live up to! They have high standards.) Our ideal roommate matches for Taurus are Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

This is a roommate match made in heaven. Here we have two signs that are most commonly associated with eating, sleeping, and being cozy at home. Neither will judge the other for sleep marathons. Taurus and Cancer can collaborate on a meal plan and come up with a clever way to share (or divide) their groceries. They’d be happy to trade off kitchen duty—one night Taurus cooks, the next it’s Cancer’s turn. Or, if they aren’t chefs, they at least enjoy watching Barefoot Contessa together over a simple and nutritious meal.

This duo can work out any disagreements with ease, and they cherish each other’s friendship in a way that is both dynamic and easygoing. Taurus can tell Cancer anything, and Cancer finds Taurus to be an incredibly generous resource. If these roommates are strangers and take the time to get to know each other, they can have a lasting friendship.

Taurus and Leo get along because Leo fits with Taurus’s elegant vision of home life. Leo injects the sort of drama and flair into their shared living space that Taurus, frankly, lives for. Both love luxury goods, so neither would judge the other for being super bougie and splurging on something to spruce up their apartment. They respect each other’s craving for creature comforts and the finer things in life.

Their dynamic is like a parent and child. Taurus has some authority over Leo, while Leo acts as a sort of passive father figure to Taurus (regardless of gender). Their relationship is personal and familial, which Taurus cherishes and finds energizing. Taurus loves things that are tastefully discreet, precious, and hidden away from the world—much like they love their relationship with their Leo roommate. Leo and Taurus can either develop a very close bond, or simply be roommates—they would find either scenario satisfying.

Taurus and Virgo have so much fun together. They’re both crafty, but Virgo brings the brains and Taurus brings the beauty. While Virgo takes care of watering plants and baking, Taurus picks out the pots and pans that Virgo loves to use. Taurus isn’t complaining—they love baked goods and the lush beautiful garden that only a Virgo’s care can propagate.

Virgo meshes well with Taurus’s friends. When it comes to dating, Virgo can introduce Taurus to a brand-new dating pool. Taurus, on the other hand, can usher Virgo into a new intellectual world that they’ve never seen before—Virgo would love to read Taurus’s books and even lend Taurus some new ones! If their relationship develops as astrology says it should, they are the type that could travel the world together, with Virgo meticulously planning the schedule from a list of restaurants and museums compiled by Taurus.

These are opposite signs, but they have so much in common. In the Northern Hemisphere, Taurus falls in the middle of spring, while Scorpio occurs during mid-fall. In that sense, Taurus corresponds with the first signs of life and Scorpio with the first signs of death. They’re two sides of the same coin! While it may seem like they have opposite agendas—or even opposite schedules—these two can count on each other to take care of practical matters around the house. Taurus’s gorgeously decorated home is something that Scorpio will want to show off to their colleagues and social media following. Scorpio can be fixated on recycling or an alternative way of reducing waste, as long as it doesn’t threaten any of Taurus’s creature comforts. Both signs care about their family and want their place to be tidy and PG enough for their relatives to come by for a visit.

This is a hedonistic pair. Taurus likes lounging around—maybe smoking or snacking and watching movies—and Pisces is here for it. These two can make a great vegan meal together (or, at least, Taurus will eat whatever environmentally-friendly, locally-sourced dishes Pisces puts in front of them!). Pisces is one of those people that can just make it all happen for Taurus. They are great friends and understand each other very well. While Pisces puts Taurus in touch with their dreams and fantasies, Taurus helps bring Pisces back down to earth (how much, however, all depends on how responsible Taurus is and how high-functioning Pisces can be). Taurus makes sure all the bills get paid on time, while Pisces gets Taurus out of the house to enjoy what the world has to offer. They are both pretty indulgent signs, and together, they know how to have fun!

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Randon Rosenbohm is a professional consulting astrologer with horoscopes currently in Vice, Astro Guide, and EXBerliner. She is learning German in Berlin where she lives with her beloved cat. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.


Randon Rosenbohm

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