We just launched a new feature: security deposits. While it’s not the sexiest aspect of real estate (that would be grout), we’re trying to get them right with:

More accountability

The lister can’t pocket your deposit. If the apartment is damaged, they have to file a claim showing evidence of the damages and how much it cost to fix them. You can view the claim, add your own evidence, and we’ll arbitrate if you disagree with their assessment. The money never “just disappears.”

More convenience

You don’t have to call anyone or send letters to chase down your security deposit at the end of your lease: just hit the “Reclaim deposit” button and get your money back instantly.

More security

You don’t have to physically acquire and deliver a certified check. Put down your deposit via bank account or credit card online. All transactions are done securely through Stripe and Caretaker never stores your bank account number or passwords.

More rewards

If this all sounds preferable to the existing security deposit norms, check out our listings. Once you’ve applied to a place and the lister accepts your application, we’ll put your security deposit safely into escrow for the rest of the lease.

Any feedback? Let us know at [email protected].

For more info on the legal requirements for security deposits, see How do security deposits work?.


Kristina Chodorow

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