Self-driving real estate

Move over, Tesla — we're putting property management on autopilot.

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The operating system for houses

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of property management firms. Caretaker's technology automates best practices for tenant placement, screening, maintenance and rent collection. You get full visibility without all the work.

Let vacancies fill themselves

Get a qualified applicant before you knew you had a vacancy.

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Auto-reply to inquiries

Our system responds to leads and coaxes them down the funnel.

Showings scheduler

Leads prequalify, book and cancel showings on their own time.



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650 minimum


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Enforce leases with software

Put a wall of automation in between you and your tenants.

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What's late rent?

We make auto-pay easy and send warnings at the right times.

Security deposits you can use

Require tenants to cover damages as soon as they cause them.

39 active leases

You've received 92% of the expected rent for this month

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Deposit protection

$55,800 in escrow

Don't repair, prevent

Get tenants to report and address even the smallest issues before they swell into expensive work orders.

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Repair coordination

Upload your maintenance playbook and let us automate it.

Regular home inspections

Send inspection request links to tenants and trusted contractors.

Configure Inspections Settings

Continuous inspections

Require tenants to submit inspections
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6 months

Turnover inspections

Built for smart access

We've known from the beginning that automating property management would be impossible without smart access. We built every single part of our system with smart locks in mind, so no one ever has to open the door for anyone else again. It's our secret sauce.

Why us?

By entrepreneurs

for entrepreneurs

You're constantly looking for ways to level up your operation. Us too.

You're investing out-of-state

You know the best deals aren't necessarily in your backyard, but you don't want to worry about choosing a new management firm in each market.

You trust yourself most

You're keeping a trained eye on your portfolio to make sure things get done right, but you can't get bogged down by assistant-level tasks.

You're house hacking for now

You're just getting started by renting out rooms in your primary residence and you need help screening and managing roommates.

This is the new way forward

We use technology to give you as much quality as the best local property management firm — for a tenth of the price.

Local property manager


Finding a local firm you trust in each market is a job in itself.

  • Hard to find and vet

  • Hidden fees & markups

  • Misaligned incentives

  • No economies of scale



Onboard your tenants right now and know exactly what to expect.

  • Consistent quality

  • No surprise fees

  • You make the key decisions

  • Automate daily tasks

  • Keep more income



For investors ready to put hundreds of units on autopilot.

  • Consistent quality

  • No surprise fees

  • You make the key decisions

  • Automate daily tasks

  • Keep more income

*Based on an average monthly rent of $1,500

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Frequently Asked Questions
Need more help?
  • Get in touch with our support team and we'll handle that process for you. Just send a message to [email protected]
  • Applicants get pre-screened before showings to make sure they aren't falsifying their identity. They're also required to store a payment method with us that corresponds to their identity. Beyond that, you can set your screening preferences to whatever you'd like — from verified income to a minimum credit score — as long as it complies with federal and state fair housing laws.
  • Caretaker partners with Igloohome because it's the only smart lock company that builds locks that don't require WiFi and that can prevent access codes from being reused.
  • Absolutely not.
  • What's a contract?
  •, Doorsteps,, Zumper, Facebook Housing Marketplace, Padmapper and more — see the full list here.