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Learn how self tours work.


  • Verification: walk viewers through a multi-stepped but very easy process for verifying their identity.
  • Precise access control: time based one time use access codes last for thirty minutes. This is the same level of security that your online banking system uses.
  • SMS and phone hotline so that anyone with an urgent question or problem during their viewing would get immediate assistance.

Access codes that last all day or all week are more than fine for a professional, like a handyman, that you have a relationship with. When it comes to ten or twenty people potentially entering your unit on a daily basis you want to make it as hard as possible for them to share their codes with friends who haven’t been authenticated. This is why we integrated with the only smart lockbox maker that generates

Built-in applications

Verifications for viewings are combined with the rental application, so that most prospects have already started the application even before they've viewed. We designed our system to work this way because we thought about the alternative — sending renters to a different website or physical location after they toured — and quickly decided that this didn’t qualify as the magical experience we set out to built. Each viewer already has our application on their phone while they’re touring, so pressing the apply button is incredibly easy.

Easy scheduling

You can give prospects the joys of instant gratification by adding the time windows during the day that are acceptable for self-guided tours and allowing them to book whichever time works for them. Once someone books a slot it can't be booked by anyone else, and if they cancel it becomes available again. This is designed not just for the renters' experience but also to make sure that you don't waste time responding to inquiries unnecessarily.

Instant support

We built a viewer

The number is sent to renters as soon as they've verified their account for the viewing, along with their access code. They reach out for help with logistical issues like hardware troubleshooting or if they can't find the right door, as well as with leasing questions about screening, applications and lease terms.

For more information on offering self showings with Caretaker read our the frequently asked questions or contact our sales team.

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