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Lease Agreement

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Sublet Agreement

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When should I break my apartment lease?

  • I'm moving in with my partner

  • I'm buying a home and don't need to rent anymore

  • My job changed and I need to relocate

  • I can't afford my current place anymore

  • I have an issue with my neighbors that can't be resolved

Ways to terminate your lease

Getting out of your lease can be tricky, but there are multiple ways to easily hand off the obligation.

Sublet your lease

When subletting, you are technically still responsible for the rent payments, but someone else is living there and has agreed to pay them.

  • Least expensive and fastest option

  • Less likely to have extra fees

  • You keep track of your tenant’s rent payments

Transfer your lease

Instead of breaking your lease, you can find someone else to live in your place instead of you. You would assign the remainder of the lease to the new tenant.

  • Your original lease remains active

  • Landlords often charge between $100 and $1,000

  • You are no longer responsible for rent

Looking to learn more about the process?

We have detailed guides to help you learn everything about breaking your lease, assigning it, and subletting it.

How do I deal with getting landlord approval?

Tricky landlord situations are common, and our content covers anything from standard lease break request letters, to handling a negligent landlord and working within your local legal environment.

Read about landlord approval

How much does a lease break typically cost?

It's important to consider costs when looking at breaking a lease. The process can cost anywhere from one to three months of rent, but you can usually avoid fees by opting to transfer your lease.

Learn about lease breaking costs

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Here's how you can get started on getting out of your lease

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