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Entire place in Brooklyn
1 Bedroom · 1 Bathroom
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Upcoming tenant
Jon Hargreaves
Meets all requirements

Upcoming payments
September rent
$2,800 USD
Due on 09/01/2020
October rent
$2,800 USD
Due on 10/01/2020


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Income is 30x above rent




Head of Design

Annual salary

$120,000 USD

Credit score is above 700
Jon has no criminal history

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Lease agreement

52 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn, NY

This sublease agreement, dated March 1st of 2020, is made between Susannah Vila, the Sublessor, and Jon Hargreaves, the Sublessee.

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$2,800 USD
Jon's rent payment for August
Due in 2 days
$2,800 USD
Jon's rent payment for September
Coming up
$2,800 USD
Jon's rent payment for October
Coming up



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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Lite listings are perfect for people who would rather do most of the work themselves. If you enjoy meeting up with strangers and helping them to tour a space, would rather have more applicants even if some of them aren't qualified and prefer to handle communications with your landlord yourself then this plan is a good choice. If your goal is to not have to think about filling your space at all then we would suggest you upgrade so that viewings and applications can be managed by Caretaker.
  • Applicants pay a $30 flat fee for their credit, eviction and criminal report, which is provided by Transunion Smartmove. Rent payments with ACH are free, and there is a 2.95% credit card fee.