How Policies Work

Set your tenant criteria once and Caretaker only sends you applicants who meet them.

Requirements policies act as gatekeepers for rental properties. Each requirement policy has two parts: the criteria and evaluation method for deciding whether or not renters meet this criteria.


The first part of your policy are the rules you set for how qualified an applicant needs to be in order to be approved.

Each rule consists of a screening category and an associated threshold. For example, add credit score as a required qualification and decide the minimum score that an applicant must have.

Initially, these show up to the renter as a simple list of qualifications they must meet. Qualifications are clearly displayed on each listing. Once they begin the application process they will be prompted to begin verifying that they are qualified.


Verifications dictate how the applicant must prove that they meet the requirement. You can add your preferred verification methods to each qualification. For example, an employment letter and two recent paystubs must be submitted to verify income. These methods are just as important as the criteria themself (a high-income requirement is meaningless if it can be self-reported).

Certain verification methods are completely automated and therefore verified instantly, while others require manual review of documents submitted by the applicant and confirmation of authenticity from the source of the documents. If the result of an automated verification is inconclusive it will convert to a manual method.

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