Activate Caretaker Entrepreneur

Your Entrepreneur plan won't be activated until you've completed these steps.

Since Caretaker Entrepreneur manages maintenance, operating expenses, and day-to-day support, we need information about your units and how you'd like them to be managed before we can activate the plan.

You will need to:

  1. Add or import units
  2. Invite your tenants
  3. Set up Marketing if you need a tenant
  4. Verify property condition
  5. Choose maintenance workflows
  6. Set up smart access control
  7. Add bank accounts

Step 1 - Add information about units

To add the addresses of all units that should be activated, select the Units tab on the left-hand navigation menu in the Dashboard and click Add Unit.

Get in touch to important many properties and tenants at once.

Step 2 - Invite your tenants

For each unit that is currently occupied, invite current tenants by selecting Onboard renters. Provide their current lease and contact information.

Step 3 - Set up Marketing

Review the checklist for setting up Marketing to make sure you haven't missed any steps. For each unit that needs a new renter, we need you to provide us with standard marketing details, set your tenant requirements policy, and set up smart access.

Step 4 - Verify property condition

Provide details about each unit's physical condition. The purpose of this step is to confirm that you meet Caretaker's policies and make sure that property inspections are set up correctly.

If a unit's maintenance status does not meet our criteria you'll be responsible for resolving the issues.

Step 5 - Choose maintenance workflows

Set the spending limits for service requests and choose your preferred team of providers in Maintenance Settings. Fund your operating account so that invoices can be paid in a timely manner and expenses can be tracked programmatically.

Step 6 - Set up smart access control

Plan your installation by deciding out which type of smart lock best fits your properties and where your locks will be placed. Once you've done that, order a smart lock for each unit and install them or have them installed by someone on your team.

Step 7 - Add bank accounts

Choose a bank account where payments should be sent to you and choose your funding source for maintenance and repair expenses.

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