Keybox Installation Guide

Follow these steps to complete the smart keybox installation for a Caretaker-managed property.

Get ready to install the keybox by opening the package that it arrived in and making sure that you have all of the parts that may be necessary. The padded envelope will contain another padded envelope with prepaid return labeling and a black box. The black box will contain:

  • The smart keybox
  • An optional set of mounting hardware in a small plastic bag
  • A screw designed to be used with the mounting hardware
  • An alternative handle for the keybox that is thinner than the handle it comes with - you will find this underneath the keybox
  • A label with the address and unit number that the lock has been connected to

Contact Support if your shipment is missing any of the above items.

  1. Locate the appropriate location for the keybox:
    • The unit is a standalone house with a single entry door: hang it on the doorknob or lever.
    • The unit is located within an apartment building and there is a locked front door to the building: Hang it on a permanent structure outside of the building's main entryway.
  1. Remove the keybox from the packaging. When you open the black box containing the lock you will see a label with the address and unit number that the lock has been connected to. Add the spare set of keys immediately so that you don't mistakenly pair a keybox with the wrong unit.
  2. You will need a pin code to open the lock. The Caretaker-account holder can create a pin code for you in the Dashboard or you can Contact Support with a photo of the back of the lock so that the barcode sticker is visible.
  3. Open the lock and insert the spare set of keys. Here's how to open the lock:

    • Press the key icon in the center of the touchpad
    • Type the pin code
    • Press the key icon again
    • You will hear 4 ascending fast tones and see a green LED light flashing twice.
    • Pull the face of the lock towards you.

    If you hear 4 short beeps with red flashing it means that you entered the incorrect pin.

  4. Hang the keys on the keyrack in the center of the box interior.

  1. Take the handle on the top of the keybox off so that you can hang it. To remove the handle, look for a small, silver bar in the middle of the keybox interior directly above the key rack. Slide this bar to the right and pull the keybox handle upwards to detach it from the body.

    If you will be hanging the keybox on a round doorknob then you will reattach the keybox using the thinner handle. Place the thick handle into the return envelope for safekeeping.

  2. Snap the handle back into the keybox around the object that you are attaching it to.
  3. Close the keybox with the keys inside. Try opening it to make sure it is locked.

Congratulations, the keybox has been setup! Almost done...

  1. Take a photo of the keybox.
  2. Write down any useful notes for finding it. These instructions should make it easy for someone visiting the home for the first time to find the keybox and the front door of the home.
  3. Send your photo and instructions to Caretaker Support

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