Local Differences

Caretaker's management systems were designed to work in any location, but some services are limited by geography.

Aspects of Caretaker's systems that rely on relationships or in-depth knowledge of local legal landscapes are only available in certain locations. See which features and services work everywhere or are limited so you can make the right decision about if Caretaker is a good fit for you.

Tenant placement

Our core systems for finding renters can be used in any location. Advertising and syndication of listings are generally U.S. specific.

Our own network of renters browsing Apartment App is most active in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

Leases and accounting

Rent collection, including charges, tracking of overdue or failed payments, and reminders work everywhere. Legal notices to cure or quit for nonpayment of rent may be available in limited markets.

Security deposits can be managed by Caretaker in any location but we only guarantee compliance with local regulations in specific states.


Service coordination, turnover coordination, and preventative maintenance rely on our network of vetted service providers. This is only available in certain locations. If we don't offer coverage yet, you are responsible for finding and coordinating your own provider team. Inspections, issue tracking, and unit maintenance history reporting all work in any location

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