Fund Your Operating Account

Fund the payment source to get your financial workflows up and running.

Traditionally, property operating expenses are paid for with multiple different methods: check, ACH, credit cards. Even if all of these methods are funded by a single operating checking account, it can be time-consuming to group them all by property or unit for reporting purposes. For example, if you pay for some expenses yourself and your property manager pays for others then you have to reconcile their reports with yours to understand overall profit and loss at a given property.

Programmable operating spending makes it easier to control how money is spent and track cash flow.

All of your operating expenses can be paid with a dedicated payment method for each unit. Since all bills are paid with a single source, it's easy to show you your financial data as it happens. This also allows for advanced control over how much is spent and which merchants can be paid at all.

Required for Maintenance

Operating accounts are a core component of your Maintenance system so they must be funded before repair coordination can begin. We expect you to fund your operating account with the reserves that you set aside for emergency and routine maintenance during plan activation.

Here's how it works: when a maintenance issue requires service a card will be created instantly to pay the service provider. It will be pre-loaded with your maintenance preferences so that it only works under a certain expense amount or to pay certain types of vendors. The card will remain active for as long as the issue is in progress - once it's marked as resolved the card will no longer work.

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