Property Criteria

Find out if your property is the right fit for our management systems.

Caretaker specializes in managing single-family homes, duplexes, and small apartment buildings. Within these properties, we have additional criteria that each unit must meet.

Please review the below criteria before moving forward with a Caretaker property management plan.

  1. Legal
  2. Safe
  3. Rent Ready


Each property must comply with city and state building codes. You are responsible for submitting the required applications and scheduling the inspection with local authorities if it's necessary. You may be asked for documentation, including:

  • Up-to-date certificates of occupancy
  • Registration as a rental housing provider in the appropriate jurisdiction if it is required.


Federal and state regulations require rental housing providers to keep their properties in a suitable condition. All properties must meet this condition in order to be eligible. This means:

  • A home free from pest infestation
  • Locking and intact doors and windows
  • Safe, functioning electricity and plumbing
  • Functioning smoke detectors
  • Heat when it’s cold
  • Hot water and clean drinking water

Habitability laws vary by jurisdiction. Consult the Caretaker Legal Index to see if your property complies.


A unit is not rent-ready if multiple issues need to be addressed simultaneously - even if all these issues are cosmetic and discretionary. Here are some examples of discretionary issues:

  • Interior paint has been scratched is flaking off or is missing in some other way
  • Scuffs or other stains on the walls, floors, or built-in cabinetry
  • Stains on tile grouting
  • Broken glass or mirror
  • Water stain or crack on the ceiling

When you invite your tenants or accept a new tenant you are attesting to your unit's rent-ready condition. If Caretaker discovers that the unit is not rent-ready during the tenant onboarding process, or if more than 3 issues are reported in the same 30 day period, your account will be suspended until the issues have been resolved.

Coordination of discretionary punch lists is available with the Mogul plan.

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