How Tenants use Maintenance

Tenants are prompted to inspect properties and report maintenance issues.

Caretaker was designed for renters by renters, and we built the maintenance experience that we wanted for ourselves:

  • Calls and email-chains aren't necessary. Tenants report issues and make requests using Apartment App, and get notifications about how service is progressing both via the app and over text.
  • No waiting around for someone to show up and fix something that we could have easily resolved ourselves if given the right tools or instructions.
  • When appropriate and the necessary controls are in place, tenants can order service providers directly to minimize hassle and wait times.

Move-in inspections

There is an initial inspection report completed by tenants either when they move in or when the unit switches to Caretaker from another management solution. We encourage them to report issues liberally as they complete their guided inspection, because we have found that this minimizes security deposit disputes and makes tenants feel more taken care of.

Move out inspections

The purpose of the move-out inspection is to for the tenant to present their version of how the unit's maintenance status when they left it. Their report should always be verified by a neutral third party who walks through the unit once it's vacant.

Reporting issues

In between inspections tenants report individual maintenance issues as frequently as they want. When an issue warrants service, they can provide Caretaker with windows of availability for the service appointment.

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