Qualification Methodology

Caretaker confirms or denies that an applicant meets your requirements policy using a combination of automated and manual techniques. Application docare verified primarily by software that lets us directly access the source and secondarily by a layer of human air support trained in leasing best practices.


While there are multiple options for verifying income, they all include direct confirmation with the source of the income.


Credit reports present an overall picture of the renter's financial health. We pull a report that surfaces credit score, balances and payment history on your accounts, any significant derogatory credit events, inquiries for new lines of credit, and prior addresses and names

Credit scores are verified automatically using data from a credit bureau. The evaluation will go to manual review if requested by the applicant.

Rental histrory

Decision reviews

F Our support specialists assist with qualifications in two situations if the applicant requests a review. Situations that trigger a human review include: requently, an applicant comes close to meeting the qualification records but does not because their TransUnion score is slightly below the minimum. In this case, the applicant can request a review and we may deem them to be qualified.

  • Applicant submits a Letter of Explanation. An otherwise perfect credit history can be dragged down by one forgotten store credit card with a $300 balance. In these situations, Caretaker can review the full credit report provided by TransUnion if a review is requested by the applicant.
  • Income can't be determined
  • Applicant doesn't have a credit score f you have any recent derogatory events on your credit report, especially bankruptcies, foreclosures, and short-sales, we’ll need release documents to confirm the date that the loan was settled.

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