How Maintenance Works

Maintenance and repairs are tracked, documented, and coordinated on your behalf with the goal of giving you as much control and transparency as possible. Everything that can be automated is automated. The rest is taken care of by a dedicated team of support specialists who know your markets.

  • Property inspections: Holistic, collaborative property inspections system that gets more effective over time and, make it easier for anyone to thoroughly inspect.
  • Service coordination: You, your renters or anyone on your team can request service from anywhere. Requests get triaged, tracked, and turned into work orders using a set of built-in algorithms.
  • Spending controls: Since vendors are paid using virtual, programmable credit cards you can have systematic control over who is hired and how much they are paid.


Maintenance runs on a set of checklists and rules that affect when — and how often — problems with the physical state of your properties are detected and repaired. We try to make these as customizable as possible. You can control:

SettingCaretaker DefaultRequired?
Approved providersHVAC, Electric, PlumbingYes
Annual spending limit5%Yes (minimum 5%)
Per issue spending limitYes ($300)


Digital property inspections allow each inspection report to connect to historical data. Connecting data points surfaces more insights, faster, and make it easier for everyone to submit extremely thorough property inspections.

Our process starts by collecting baseline data from property owners, former managers, and current tenants. At least one initial inspection must be submitted by you or your former manager during plan activation. The initial inspection gathers all at-risk areas within the home so they can be tracked going forward. Current or new tenants will also submit an inspection right after they move in.

Unlike inspections, which happen periodically, issue reports were designed to gather as much data as possible about each unit's health over the course of a tenancy. An issue represents anything that must be repaired immediately, will (or may) need to be repaired in the future, or could be done as a discretionary improvement at some point in the future. Issues can be reported at any time by anyone. Creating a new issue is quick and easy, and occupants, contractors, and owners are encouraged to report even the smallest issues so that everything is tracked.

Many issues will build-up for a given unit and only some will be resolved with a service appointment. All of the other issues are tracked over time and aren't treated as verified until they have been confirmed during an inspection.

Service coordination

All maintenance coordination is backstopped by support staff with specialized training who are responsible for reviewing work orders and documentation of work completed.

They are assisted by software-based rules that decide what to fix immediately, who to hire, and how much to pay them.

Rules decide two things:

  • If an issue warrants dispatching a service provider and, when it does, which provider to order and how much the work should cost.
  • What happens to an issue as soon as it's created. It may remain open and outstanding forever, get turned into a service request immediately away, or the occupant may be given instructions for how to resolve it themself.

We make payments to service providers directly and bill you for the exact total. Since vendors are paid using virtual, programmable credit cards you can have systematic control over who is hired and how much they are paid.


  • Spending limits on maintenance service must be greater than $150
  • All units must meet our definition of rent ready - see criteria.

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