How can I cancel my plan?

Cancellation steps

  • Head to your dashboard
  • Click Account > Billing on your dashboard (or just click here)
  • Click Manage plan in the upper right
  • Select the Lite plan
  • Click Continue

What happens after cancelling

  • Your listing will automatically convert to our Lite plan (if you have more than one listing, only one listing will convert, the rest will be removed). You'll be able to manage your listing on the Lite dashboard.
  • Your won't receive another monthly subscription charge (please note you will not receive a pro-rated refund when you cancel).
  • You will need to return your keybox rental (if you have one). Please note there is a $150 charge for keybox rentals that are not returned.

Cancelling during an active lease

If you already signed a lease with a renter, please contact Caretaker Support to assist with your cancellation.

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