How do I decide which plan is right for me?

Choose one of our plans after you've decided how much property management you would prefer to delegate.

Caretaker Owner

Best for: Accidental landlords, investors who live near their properties, investors with less than 10 units

About you: Since you only own one or a handful of units, you aren't overwhelmed with requests from tenants and tasks that need to get done on a daily basis. Because you live nearby, it's not complicated to visit the property yourself when necessary. For these two reasons, you're planning on managing your properties yourself.

We've bundled together the set of software features that you'll need:

  • Schedule showings: Instant email replies to anyone who inquires. Renters select one of the available times from your property listing and can reschedule as much as they like. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth emailing and phone calls.
  • Screen tenants: Identity verification (provided by Stripe, applicant background reports (provided by Transunion, credit checks (also Transunion and verified income (Caretaker income verification team).
  • Sign a lease: Legally binding online signatures provided by our partner, HelloSign. Sign our recommended lease (which keeps you compliant with local laws in select markets) or upload your own.
  • Rent collection: Instead of just transferring the funds into your account every month as soon as your tenant pays, Caretaker's rent collection system also handles reminders, late rent notices, and can require that the tenant set up automatic payments.

Caretaker Entrepreneur

Best for: Out-of-state investors and anyone looking to turn real estate investing into a part-time or full-time job.

About you: Even if you just own a few properties now, you already know that you want to turn your real estate portfolio into a meaningful source of income. You want to spend your time reading and learning, looking for new properties, and meeting potential partners. Ideally, every aspect of property management is taken care of.

We've developed software that is almost capable of managing property.

  • Leasing properties and marketing vacancies
  • Rent, fee collection and evictions
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Property inspections

When our software doesn't cut it, we send in one of our property management specialists. Whenever possible we try to make sure they are familiar with the special dynamics of whichever market the property is located in.

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