Igloohome keybox setup guide

Once it's arrived, find the unique pin code in your dashboard to open up the keybox. Place your keys inside and hang or mount the keybox wherever it makes the most sense for your property.

Check the status of your shipment

View all your keybox orders by clicking on the keybox tab on the left side of your Caretaker dashboard. It's nested underneath the Access tab. Or just click this link.

Reveal your unique pin code

Choose the address that you're ready to set up (once it's arrived) and you'll arrive at the instructions for setting up the keybox. Note that these will be greyed out until you've received the lock.

Look for your unique access code and use that to open the keybox.

Open the keybox and add keys

Open the keybox and put a set of keys to the unit inside of it.

When you order a keybox for a particular unit, it gets paired with that unit. Make sure to put the keys inside of each keybox that correspond to the unit you ordered it for. Your pin code for each keybox is different, so if the pin code for Unit 1A worked on a keybbox, then that is the keybox for unit 1A.

Changing the shackle

The keybox will be shipped to you with a shackle and and an alternate shackle. The shackles have been tested to fit most door handles and knobs securely. It should be easy for you to put on but difficult for anyone unauthorized to remove.


The keybox is weather-resistant but cannot be submerged in water.

Battery life

The lock uses AAA alkaline batteries. They can last up to twelve months, but battery life depends on frequency of use.

Once your keybox is setup, hang or mount it where it makes the most sense for the property.

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