Flip is Now Caretaker - Here’s Why

How do I create the perfect listing?

The best way to make sure your listing stands out is to complete all the different parts of the listing.

Real photos

We've tracked hundreds of thousands of listings and based on what we've learned we suggest that you make sure to include at least one photo of your actual unit as opposed to stock images from the internet. It doesn't matter if the lighting is perfect or the place is perfectly staged since most applicants will want to see the place in person before they sign a lease anyways, and if you don't include any real photos it's hard for people to trust that your listing is legit.

Verification pin

Verify that you are the owner, manager or leaseholder for the unit in question so that your listing gets a little green location pin on it. Renters seek these listings out.

Accurate lease details

Make sure these things are accurate so that renters don't get confused and close the tab:

  • Entire place versus private room. If someone else will be living in the unit with your new renter, then you're marketing a private room. If they'll have the place to themselves then it's an entire place.
  • Availability. Don't confuse renters by putting one lease duration into the availability section of your listing and additional options in the description. The earliest move-in date should be the soonest that someone could move in. If there is a master lease set to end at some point in the future then your renter would have to either move out or sign a traditional lease with the landlord, so this is the right move out date. If you're the landlord and they could stay for ever then choose a date far into the future.
  • Option to resign. Only add this option to your listing if your listing is a sublease and you know that the landlord will be open to having the subtenant stay on for longer if they decide they like the place.

Accurate building requirements

On Caretaker, renters verify that they meet the landlord's requirements at the exact same time that they submit an application. If they won't be approved then they aren't able to apply.

If you aren't sure what to put here you can go with our suggested requirements. If we know your building, this will already be filled out for you.

An informative Q&A section

Sure, you could write an essay about the apartment in your description answering every possible question an applicant might need to know. The problem with this is that renters tend to gloss over lots of text. The Q&A section of your listing highlights the important details so renters don't miss it. Answer questions publicly on your listing and answer them right away - the more necessary information is included on your listing, the higher chances that a renter will press the apply button.

Here are some of the most common questions we see people asking about listings:

  • Does it get very noisy on the weekends?
  • How's the management company?
  • Is my 60 pound pitbull allowed?

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