How does Caretaker coordinate repair requests for me?

We'll collect some maintenance information from you when you add you unit(s) to Caretaker. We'll use this information to coordinate repairs for tenant maintenance issues. If your tenant has an issue with a leaky faucet, for example, we'll troubleshoot with the tenant, dispatch your service provider, verify the repair, pay the invoice, and charge your account.

Setting a budget

Tenant maintenance responsibilities

Let us know what maintenance items your tenant is responsible for solving themselves. We'll share this information with the tenant as well. This way there's no confusion about who's responsible for changing lightbulbs or dealing with lockouts.

By default, tenants will be responsible for: lockouts, lightbulb changes, and clogged toilets.

  • If an electrical outlet isn't working, we start by providing tenants with instructions for how to press the reset button on a GFCI outlet or resetting the breaker without having to call in a licensed electrician.
  • If there's no hot water, we start by providing customized instructions based on the hot water appliance including common troubleshooting issues. For example there might be a reset button or it could be out of batteries.

If it's determined a service provider visit is necessary, we'll help the tenant schedule a repair appointment.


Many repair issues are somewhat simple and can be fixed on the spot. For anything more complex, we'll ask for an estimate and proceed only if it's under budget. Otherwise, we'll contact you for approval.

We'll make payments to service providers directly and bill you for the exact total. An invoice will be available for you to review within your Caretaker dashboard.

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