Igloohome Keybox 3 Setup

The iglooHome Keybox 3 is an internet-connected lockbox designed specifically for secure key storage and transfer. It can be opened using pin codes or Bluetooth. Pin codes are generated using a system called algoPIN that doesn't rely on wiFi and destroys codes if they aren't used within pre-allotted, under-60 minute time periods.

Before you begin setting up the keybox, plan the installation carefully.

  • For single-family homes, you will need a single front door key and you can hang the keybox on the unit's front door. It should look like this
  • For apartment complexes or any type of property with an additional entrance door, you will need a key for each door. Your keybox will need to hang outside of the main entrance door.
  • For apartment complexes with doormen, you can hang it on the handle of your door if you are willing to add the names of visitors to the building guest list yourself.

The keybox will be shipped to you with a shackle already attached as well as an alternate shackle behind it. They have been tested to fit most door handles and knobs securely. If the first shackle does not fit, change to the alternate shackle.

Setup instructions

Follow these quick steps to set up a smart keybox at a property.

  1. Prepare the correct set of spare keys. Make sure to put the keys inside of each keybox that correspond to the unit you ordered it for. Otherwise, Caretaker will not be able to control it.

  2. Get the master access code for each lock. A code is required to open the lock.

    • If you are installing the keybox on behalf of the owner: To get a code, email [email protected] with a photo of the back of the lock so that the barcode sticker is visible.

    • If you are installing your own lock: Go to manage.caretaker.com/keyboxes. Choose the address that you're ready to set up. The code for that unit’s lock will show up once it arrives.

  3. Tap the lock icon in the center, type your code, then pull the face of the lock towards you.

  4. Hang the keys on the keyrack in the center of the box interior.

  5. To remove the handle on the top of the lock, look for a small, silver bar in the middle of the keybox interior - directly above the key rack. Slide this bar to the right and pull the keybox shackle upwards to detach it from the body.

  6. Hang on the front door or a permanent structure outside of the main entrance door. Lock the keybox to the doorknob, handle or structure by snapping the shackle back into the keybox, around the object.

  7. Take a photo of the keybox and write down any useful notes for finding it. These instructions should make it easy for someone visiting the home for the first time to find the keybox and the front door of the home.

    • If you are installing the keybox on behalf of the owner: Email your photo and instructions to [email protected]

    • If you are installing your own lock: Go back to the setup guidance in your Dashboard. Add your instructions and photo here.

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