Flip is Now Caretaker - Here’s Why

I’m having issues during my viewing window, what do I do?

We offer priority support for contactless viewings - so you can give us a call or text with a quick response in this case. If your viewing isn't contactless then you'll get a text from the lister ahead of the viewing so that you're both able to communicate safely with one another.

Here are some troubleshooting tips for anyone on a contactless viewing who is having trouble getting or returning the keys.

Opening up the keybox

To enter your code, press each number, then press the middle lock icon. Each time you press a number, the keybox makes a low beep. When you press the middle lock icon, you will hear an unlocking noise (either one long beep or short beeps and a green flashing light). Pull the face of the keybox towards you to open it.

Can't see my code

You can find your code on your application on Caretaker. If you haven't verified your account yet, your code will not be displayed. You can still verify your account even if your viewing window has already started.

Keybox wont open

If you hear the keybox unlocking but you can’t pull the keybox open, the keys might be blocking the keybox from unlocking properly. To fix this, press the back and the face of the keybox against each other to hold it shut. While continuing to hold it shut, re-enter your code and press the lock icon. You will hear the lock unlocking. Release the keybox and pull the face of the keybox towards you.

Code is wrong

If you enter your code and the keybox makes an error sound (two sets of three quick beeps or four short beeps and a flashing red light), your code is not recognized. First, make sure that you’re visiting during your scheduled time. If you’re early, please wait until your slot begins. If you’re late, schedule a new time in the app to get a new code.

If you enter an unrecognized code several times in a row, the keybox will go into a lockout mode (the keybox will appear to stop responding). Please wait 5 minutes without touching the keybox, and then try your code again.

Contacting Caretaker

If you’re still having an issue, please send a text to the number displayed on your viewing screen.

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