How do I tell a handyman or Taskrabbit to setup my keybox?

1. Inspect your delivery

Each keybox comes with two shackles. If your unit has a round doorknob, you'll need the slim shackle. If your unit has a door handle, you'll only need the thicker shackle. You want it to be impossible for the keybox to be removed by an unauthorized person.

2. Get your access code

Get an access code from the Caretaker account owner, but don't use it yet. This is a single-use code. The account owner can generate a new code for you if needed.

3. Secure the keybox onto the front door of your unit

Open the keybox using your access code. With the keybox open, remove the shackle by sliding the silver shackle release pin to the right.

Hold the keybox under your doorknob and then lock the shackle back on.

Place your keys inside the keybox and then close it.


4. Take photos

Take photos of the keybox after you're done and then send them to the Caretaker account owner. They'll need the photos for their listing.

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