Caretaker Access Smart Locks

Caretaker only works with pre-certified smart locks. This ensures that each lock can be controlled by our software and that it meets our functional criteria.

Smart device fulfillment

Order a device from the Caretaker Dashboard. All smart device orders ship directly from Caretaker's fulfillment center within 48 hours of your order. You will receive a notification when your device has shipped and when it has arrived.

Devices can be shipped to any address you choose - they should be sent directly to the person in charge of setting them up.

To check the status of your shipment, view all your orders by clicking on the Smart locks tab on the left side of your Caretaker dashboard. It's nested underneath the Access tab.


Smart locks can be installed by you, by the current tenant, or by someone you work with.

  • If someone close to the property is installing the lock(s): We provide smart lock set up instructions for anyone without a Caretaker account.
  • If you are installing your own lock: To see installation instruction in the Dashboard, choose the address that you're ready to set up and follow the steps.

Connection to Caretaker

Do not order a device through another channel. Caretaker must physically sync with each of your locks in order to grant and revoke access.

Each smart lock must be associated with a single unit address.

Smart lock criteria

Caretaker integrates with smart keyboxes and smart deadbolts. A keybox is a receptacle for traditional keys with a digital screen and access granting mechanism. A deadbolt replaces the traditional lock completely.

Criteria for all smart locks:

  1. Work without WiFi or Bluetooth: This means it's less vulnerable to security concerns and can be stored outside or on the door to a home that's been tenants and without an internet setup.

  2. Bank-level pin code security: Pin codes should be as secure as the pin code systems used by banks to control access to online banking. They should never be reusable and only work for very short time frames.

  3. Infinite pin-codes per day:If a smart lock is only able to produce a few pin codes per day it creates operational bottlenecks. This leads to a poor user experience and may force the operator into suboptimal security practices.

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