Flip is Now Caretaker - Here’s Why

My keybox is not responding to my touch

The keybox should illuminate and beep every time you touch a number. If that isn't happening, please see the possible causes below.

The keybox is in security lock-out mode

If the wrong access code is entered too many times, the keybox will emit a loud siren and stop accepting access codes for 5 minutes. This is called security lock-out mode. Leave the keybox alone for 5 minutes and then try entering your access code again. Follow these steps:

  • Wait five minutes for security lock-out mode to deactivate
  • Press the back arrow on the keybox to clear any previously entered numbers.
  • While the keybox is illuminated, enter your access code. Make sure that you hear a beep after each number.
  • After you've entered the code, press the unlock button. The keybox should flash a green indicator, confirming that it was successfully unlocked.

The keybox batteries are drained

If the keybox is completely out of charge it will not illuminate or make any sounds when you try using it. If the keybox is out of charge and locked, you can supply power to it via the USB-C port at the bottom of the keybox. Connect the keybox to a wall charger or to a portable power bank, give it a few seconds to charge, and then enter your access code while the power source is still connected. Please note: the keybox cannot be permanently recharged this way. You will need to replace the batteries ASAP.

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