What happens when I accept or reject an applicant?

When you get an applicant, they will already have demonstrated in their application that they meet the requirements that you set. In the below example, the lister required that a tenant earn at least 40 times the monthly rent amount of $1,052. That would be $42,080, so Bob passes this requirement easily.

To accept the applicant, sign the lease:

sign lease.png

You will be able to change the lease start and end dates. If your applicant is fine with your changes then they'll sign and pay the deposit. Congrats - you have a tenant!

If you are using the landlord approval feature, then the signed lease and a rental application form will be sent to your landlord at this point and the process won't be complete until your landlord has given approval for the sublease. You and your applicant will both be at the same step in the process, which will look like this:

Group 5.png

Once your landlord approves the applicant you'll be notified.

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