What is Caretaker Applications?

Caretaker Applications is an integrated set of checks to determine tenant quality.

The heart of Applications is your tenant qualifications policy. Once you've set a policy, prospective and even current tenants will be checked against it.

Setting a tenant qualifications policy

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When you are looking for a tenant, you can publish your unit publicly and share the link with anyone who is interested in applying. They will see your minimum qualifications on the link itself, and if they press the apply instantly button they will be guided through a set of steps that collects and verifies their details all at once. By the end of the process, they will know if they've been approved.

Fair housing compliance

The Department of Housing recommends that landlords create a shareable tenant qualifications policy that can be viewed publicly. Caretaker Applications helps you to stay compliant with federal and state fair housing laws by making it easy to design, set and share minimum tenant requirements —and use them for all of your units.

Go here to learn how to set your tenant requirements.

View applications once they have been verified

You will be notified when it has been verified that an applicant meets your tenant qualifications policy. You will be able to review the applicant, all of their supporting documents and ask them any follow up questions.

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