What is Caretaker Maintenance?

Caretaker Maintenance is a suite of tools that let you and your tenants spot, fix and track maintenance issues. The system was designed to facilitate regular updates about the physical condition of units, coming from your tenants, yourself or service providers. These updates get verified at regular intervals with inspection reports.

Maintenance features include:

Inspections: An inspection is a way to document the holistic state of a unit at a particular point in time. The inspector is guided through a series of steps, requiring them to check each component of each room and upload photos of any part of the unit with potential issues.

Issues: An issue report is a documentation of single maintenance item, like a leaky faucet. You or your tenant can report maintenance issues. You can coordinate the repair yourself, or, have Caretaker coordinate for you.

Wondering about the Maintenance roadmap?

We'll be adding features the remaining portions of the maintenance workflow, including routing requests to the correct service provider based your predefined rules.

You can check out the Caretaker product roadmap, and vote on features, whenever you'd like.

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