What is Caretaker Marketing?

Caretaker Marketing gives you a set of tools for getting each upcoming availability in front of the ideal tenant. The core idea (stemming from our own experience as property managers) is that it's no longer necessary for anyone to spend their time creating advertisements and responding to inquiries from leads.

Marketing features include:

Listing advertisements: You'll get a public page to show off each of your units. If applicable, you can also create a permanent advertisement for your entire building.

Boost campaigns: All your listed listings will get in front of our network of renters who are using Apartment App. You can boost them to advertising websites like Google, Facebook and Instagram as well.

Automated responses: Instead of going back and forth on email with interested applicants, send them instantaneous and automated replies with guidance for what to do if they're really interested.

Showings scheduler: Each listing page includes an interface for renters to schedule a viewing. This means either a standard viewing (where you or someone who works for you gives a tour) or a self-tour.

Wondering about the Marketing roadmap?

We'll be adding more automation into the Marketing feature set. This includes getting a unit listed as soon as the current occupant says they're leaving, without anyone having to do any extra work. It also includes the use of a rent-pricing algorithm to get you the maximum amount of cash flow for each unit.

You can check out the Caretaker product roadmap, and vote on features, whenever you'd like.

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