Where should I put my Igloohome keybox?

You can hang the keybox on the door of an individual unit, on the door of the building or somewhere near the front door of the building. You can also mount a keybox on the wall near the unit's door or the side of the building near the front door.

Wondering which setup is right for you? That all depends on how you plan on using the keybox:

I'm just using it for showings

I'll use it for contractors too

I just want to offer contactless showings

Hang the keybox on the front door of the actual apartment or house if you can. This is most convenient for prospective tenants, and a better experience for renters means you get a tenant faster.

Suggested setup:

Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 7.36.05 PM.png

If you're hosting showings for an apartment within a larger building and there's a keypad intercom system on the front door, then you can still hang the keybox on the actual unit. Create a temporary code for your intercom system and put it into the access instructions for viewers.

If you're hosting showings for an apartment within a larger building and the only way to get into the building itself is with a physical key, then you'll need to set up your keybox outside. Find a permanent structure as close to the building front door as possible and make sure it isn't anyone else's property.

Suggested setup for apartment buildings

on fancy west villeage door.jpg

I'll use it for contractors too

If you want a permanent smart access solution (but you're not ready to replace the lock that are part of your door) we recommend you mount the keybox near the unit door.

If your building has multiple apartments and a building door as well as a unit door then mount it outside.

Permanent outdoor mounting

Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 7.36.16 PM.png

You can mount one keybox for each unit or put keys to multiple units in a single keybox

If your units can be accessed directly from the street as with single family homes or apartments without locked building doors then mount a keybox next to the unit door.

Note that by default the Caretaker platform is setup so that each unit has it's own calendar, it's own viewing and service appointments and its own lock. Get in touch with us directly if you'd like to store the keys for multiple units in one keybox.

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