Who do renters contact with self tour issues?

We offer an SMS hotline for renters before, during and after their contactless viewing.

Common questions that come up before, during and after viewings include:

  • I can't find the building or unit
  • I'm in the location where the keybox is in the photo, but it's not here
  • The keybox is beeping at me and won't open
  • I loved it how do I apply?
  • How much is parking

Keep in mind that our team will route questions to the appropriate location. Questions about things like parking, pet policies or anything that it is up to the landlord to decide will be directed to the Q&A section of a listing page. If a renter is ready to apply, they'll be directed to the requirements and application section of a listing page. For any issues related to keys, locks and keyboxes our team will troubleshoot with them.

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