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Will contactless viewings work at my building?

Caretaker's contactless viewings feature requires listers to setup a smart keybox so that we can promise to limit access to your specified time windows and make sure all viewers and carefully vetted.

There are two types of buildings where contactless viewings may either create more work for you to maintain or pose additional risks. All contactless viewings require physical keys.

Risks of contactless viewings in doormen buildings

There are two primary risks to be aware of if you'd like to setup a contactless viewing for a unit in a doorman building.

Risk #1: Viewers are blocked from entry

On-site leasing staff and doormen stop people coming into the building who don't live there unless they have clear instructions from you about who they should let upstairs and when. This means that you'll be responsible for adding viewers to your building's guest list.

Risk #2: Keyboxes on doors aren't allowed

Building staff might also take issue with a keybox hanging from the door of your unit. We recommend that you get approval to do this before you decide to setup contactless viewings.

Risks of contactless viewings in apartment buildings with analog intercom systems

If your building has a common front door or gate that requires a key to enter and has an analog intercom system then you'll need to hang your keybox from the street with two keys inside: one for the the building front door and one for the unit door.

Here's an example of that setup:


This setup poses a couple of additional risks.

Risk #1: Keybox theft

When you hang a keybox from someone else's private property you run the risk of someone cutting the keybox off and throwing it away. Don't worry about this if you're the landlord and it's your own property. For anyone else, we suggest you get clear approval from your landlord to hang your keybox on the building front-door or right beside it.

Risk #2: Keybox can't be located

We strongly suggest you hang the keybox from the front-door of the building or somewhere very close to it. Otherwise viewers may have trouble finding it.

Buildings where contactless viewings work best

We've found that contactless viewings work best anywhere where you can easily hang a keybox on the door of the unit itself. This includes buildings with digital intercom systems, multi-unit complexes where the unit can be accessed directly from the street and single family homes.

Locked front doors that can be opened with a pin code (e.g. 1234)

Contactless viewings will work perfectly here. Viewers will use the common entry pin code to access the building and the keybox to access your unit door.

Units that can be accessed directly from the street

If the below apply to your building then contactless viewings will work perfectly for you. You'll hang your keybox on the front door of the house.

  • A single family house with one door
  • A duplex with two separate front doors
  • An apartment building where each unit can be accessed directly from the street

Viewers will access the key, open the door, show themselves around, and return the key to the keybox.

If it's a little complicated to find your listing's particular unit within the complex you'll just need to add special instructions (for example, "go up the stairs on the right when you're facing the building and pass five doors on the second floor to find apartment J."

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