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Caretaker's mission is to take the stress out of housing for owners, landlords and renters. We provide a combination of software and informational resources to achieve this goal.


Simple, intuitive tools for landlords and renters

From staying on top of maintenance to finding, onboarding and taking care of renters, we offer subscription plans designed to give new landlords all of the tools that they need to rent out their properties.

  • Collect and track payments

  • Maintain and repair properties

  • Review rental applications

  • Manage service provider team


Fact-checked, credible content

For nearly ten years, we've worked to create and refine our curated library of comprehensive and trustworthy information about renting out properties and living in rentals.

Verified sources

We aspire to high-quality content that you can use to solve real-world problems. That's why we only rely on court cases, legislation or other first-party sources.


When it comes to laws and regulations that affect landlords and their tenants, local matters. That's why we've created state and city versions of our articles.

Always improving

We tell you when an article was last updated so you can feel confident in its accuracy. If you see anything we could do better or want to share an idea with us, please get in touch.

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