We think algorithms can (and should) manage property

We're building software so powerful it can turn even the most casual property owner into an exceptional landlord — without the learning curve.

Our story

We were unhappy renters, so we built Caretaker for ourselves

After hundreds of frustrating experiences with unreliable property managers and overworked landlords we were fed up. As tenants, we craved an experience that was as self-service as possible with minimal time spent on hold or in email chains. We started Caretaker to build that experience. That's why the tenant's perspective has never been and never will be an afterthought to us.

Then we became property managers

We started Caretaker in 2017 as Flip, a simple subletting platform. In 2018 we expanded our offering, assuming full responsibility for units when leaseholders wanted to leave early. We promised each landlord that we'd pay the rent until each original lease ended no matter what - even if we couldn't place a new tenant and keep them there.

Suddenly responsible for an ever-increasing amount of monthly rent, we went into hyperdrive building systems that allowed us to place and manage tenants miles away without ever getting on a plane or hiring local staff. Hundreds of units later we ended up with a set of carefully designed products for managing property from afar.

We get how stressful it can be to find and keep good tenants when it's your own money on the line. We built Caretaker to remove that stress, and we're dedicated to building the best and simplest property management solution for other entrepreneurs.

Our values

As entrepreneurs, we're perfectionists

We’re dedicated to maximizing your earnings from the property asset(s) you invest in by automating your property management with algorithms.

Always refining

We really believe that algorithms can manage property, but only if they're based on the best methodologies and best practices. We're obsessed with honing these methodologies.

Dedicated to perfection

We look for customers with a similar sense of perfectionism. If you've ever thought "I need a better system for X because what I'm doing now is inefficient" then Caretaker is for you.

Designing with you

Our goal is to build with our customers instead of for them. If you see anything we could do better or want to share an idea with us, please get in touch.

Caretaker leadership

Susannah Vila

Co-Founder & CEO

Roger D. Graham III

Co-Founder & COO

Keegan Jorgensen

Head of Engineering

Alex Hance

Head of Support

Jon Hargreaves

Head of Design

Our investors

We're backed by the world's leading investment firms

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