Frequently asked questions

What is Caretaker Marketing?What are the important parts of a public listing?How do I sent auto-responses to leads?Is there a minimum lease length on Caretaker?How should I use the Q&A section on my listing?What are listing boosts?Is my address visible to other users?How do I make sure renters know my pet policy?Where else will my listing show up?How do I set up self-service viewings?How do I set up viewings?Which smart locks are supported by Caretaker?How do I set up my Igloohome keybox?Where should I put my Igloohome keybox?How do I give access to trusted contractors or real estate brokers?How do I tell a handyman or Taskrabbit to setup my keybox?How do you protect listings during viewings?Who do renters contact during contactless viewings?Do units need to be vacant for contactless viewings?My Igloohome keybox won't openWhat is Caretaker Applications?How do I set my minimum tenant qualifications policy?How do you verify income and employment?How long do background checks and credit reports take?What is in the applicant's background check exactly?What happens when leaseholders get an applicant?What happens when I accept or reject an applicant?What is Caretaker Maintenance?How do I create an inspection?What does the inspection process look like?How do I request an inspection?How do I add a report?How do I respond to a report?What is Caretaker Leases?What are the terms in a Caretaker lease agreement?How do automated rent payments work?How do security deposits work?How do digital signatures work?Can I upload my own lease document?When do I get my rent payouts?Why do I need additional verification for my payouts?How do I reset my password?Can I see a detailed list of features?What is the Caretaker Property Protection Policy?