Referral partners

A new secret weapon for real estate investors

Our partners go above and beyond to help independent real estate investors grow, optimize, and take care of their portfolios. We've designed a partnership program that amplifies our combined impact.

  • Free access to Caretaker's best-in-class self-touring software

  • Refer clients and earn up to $500 per unit

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Why partner with Caretaker?

Set your clients and yourself up with low-cost, reliable systems that automate away the most mundane parts of property management.

Be the innovation advisor

Introduce them to low-cost, reliable property management they'll love.

Focus on your core business

Save valuable time and resources for pleasing your best clients.

Reach new clients

We'll send customers your way as soon as they need you.

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The more you grow, the more you get

Strengthen your core business, access free tools and training, and tap into a brand new source of passive cash flow.

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New partner

Refer less than 6 units

  • $50 /unit referred to the Entrepreneur plan

  • $100 /unit referred to the Mogul plan

  • Caretaker training and marketing collateral

Verified partner

Refer more than 6 units

  • $100 /unit referred to the Entrepreneur plan

  • $500 /unit referred to the Mogul plan

  • Free Caretaker subscription customized to your needs

  • Get new clients with a featured partner listing

Modern management

Built for ambitious, forward-thinking investors

We use technology to take logistical inefficiencies and mundane work out of home management.

  • Self-service leasing

  • Instant applications

  • Algorithmic maintenance

  • Advanced spending controls

  • Computer-generated P&Ls

  • Renter-first approach

More affordable

Caretaker automates the most labor-intensive parts of property management to get more done for lower fees.

Consistent quality

Minimize the pitfalls of human error or bad hiring decisions with proven, automated systems.


We make it easy for for property owners to reap the benefits of tech without doing the heavy lifting.

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Renters qualify, book their own showings, self-tour, and apply instantly to fill vacancies faster.

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Control the quality and cost of maintenance and repairs without doing any of the work yourself.

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Mitigate tenant risk with objective criteria that are systematically enforce and verified.

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Access & security

Programmable locks keep out untrustworthy visitors and let you see exactly who's coming and going.

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