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1 of 3 soon-to-be-vacant units requires your approval to begin self-tours.
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27 of 27 smart locks are active with no unusual activity.


1 of 3 maintenance issues reported in the last 30 days require your approval to fix.
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27 of 27 active leases are paid in full.


32 of 32 current tenants meet your minimim tenant requirements.

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Property management catches up

You knew there had to be a better way — you just hadn’t seen it yet. Meet Caretaker’s systems for tenant placement, lease enforcement, and maintenance. Everything that can be automated is automated. The rest is taken care of by a dedicated team of support specialists who know your markets.

Invest anywhere

Consistent methodologies that work equally well in any market so you can invest wherever the numbers make sense.

Save money

Caretaker automates the most labor-intensive parts of property management to get more done for lower fees.

Reduce risk

Our software reduces human error and allows for real-time reporting so nothing happens without your knowledge.

Tenant placement

The self-checkout experience

Renters qualify, book their own showings, and apply instantly so there's never any bottleneck. More showings in less time brings down vacancy costs.

Prequalified renters

All you need to do is set your tenant criteria once. We’ll make sure everyone meets them.

Caretaker's qualification methodology

Verified employment

Bank statement analysis and employer confirmation.

Credit and background checks

Screen for spotty rental or payment records.

Employment & income


Must earn a minimum of 3 times the monthly rent

Verified by

Rental history


Must have no more than 1 eviction action filed
Must have no more than 2 missed rent payments

Verified by

Credit score


FICO score must be greater than 700 points

Verified by

Self-guided tours

Renters prequalify, book viewings, and self-tour. The most you have to do is answer a question or two.

Learn more about self-tours

Less vacancy

Marketing starts as soon as a tenant asks to leave.

Preferred by renters

They hate email chains and phone tag as much as you.

Do you meet the requirements?

You pass 3/3 requirements to view this rental


Annual income over 40x the rent

Credit & background

Less than 1 eviction judgement

Credit score over 700

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You’re touring a place in South Tampa, FL

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121 Rogers Ave, 2A

1:00 - 2:00 PM

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$3,200 /month

Entire place in South Tampa, FL

2 Beds · 2 Baths · Partially furnished

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Smart access control

We designed our remote access system for ourselves first because we needed to let prospective tenants and trusted contractors in without actually being there. It's what allows us to manage properties from afar.

Start planning your installation

Access appointments at 121 Rogers Ave, 2A

Smart lock type

Igloohome Keybox 3

Master PIN code

● ● ● ● ● ●

Reveal code

Recent appointments

Pin code


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Pest control

Robert A.

Code is active


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Move-in day

Sarah F.

Code expired


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Alexander F.

Code expired


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Sarah F.

Code expired

Lease enforcement

Let a machine enforce your leases

You’ll be shocked at the peace of mind you get when rent charges, security deposits, and utilities are all running on a system as tightly coordinated as a Mars landing.

Precise controls

If anything was begging to be automated it's the part where someone makes sure you got paid.

See more about Leases

No room for human error

Reminders, precise calculations, and auto-debits.

Every lease term enforced

Full protection for every kind of damage.

Adjust your lease terms

Security deposit

Caretaker deposit protection is enabled

Security deposit amount



Rent collection

Rent is late if it arrives after

The 7th of the month


Tenants are requested to setup automatic payments

Unit utilities

All utilities are included with monthly rent

Preventative maintenance

Finally, 21st century maintenance

We start by gathering baseline data with a detailed inspection report then we never lose track of even the smallest maintenance issue.

Your A-team, on call

Add providers you already trust or choose from local pros who were referred by other real estate investors.

Read our Maintenance methodology

Automated maintenance coordination is enabled


Maximum cost of an individual work order:




Only request maintenance work from these providers:

Leonard’s Appliances



Plumbers United



Upkeep, not repairs

We make sure tenants know how to help themselves so pros are only brought in when they're needed.

How tenants use Maintenance
Apartment App Logo

Home handbook

Electrical troubleshooting

The kitchen lights won’t turn on.
Go check the fuse box in the basement.
Mark as resolved

Built by renters for renters

When tenants are happy they don't leave — and tenants really love us.

See our service model


Basically fee-free

The beauty of technology is that we don’t have to overcharge because we don't waste time on work that could be automated. You'll make back our fees by 3X in operating savings.

Plans and pricing

Leasing fees

Repair markups


Lower fees than an analog property manager on average


Operating savings from automation

By entrepreneurs,

for entrepreneurs

You're investing out-of-state

You know the best deals aren't necessarily in your backyard, but you don't want to worry about choosing a new management firm in each market.

You're building a strategy

You're already thinking about how to grow a portfolio enough so that you won't ever have to work when you don't feel like it.

You're a perfectionist

The idea of hiring a property manager who wastes time and money bothers you enough that you may just not invest in real estate at all.

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