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1 of 3 soon-to-be-vacant units need new marketing details.
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1 of 3 maintenance issues reported in the last 30 days should be resolved.
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27 of 27 active leases are paid in full.


27 of 27 current tenants meet your minimim tenant requirements.

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Home management catches up

You knew there had to be a better way — you just hadn't seen it yet. From renting out units to handling repairs, maintenance and budgets, Caretaker's product suite makes it easier to manage apartments and homes.

Rental income

All the tools you need to earn rental income and keep tenants satisfied.

Property care

Keep everyone on the same page about repairs, maintenance and improvements.

Financial control

Stay on top of revenues and expenses associated with home operations.

Rental income

Rent out your property

Earn income from rental properties with our suite of products for marketing homes, screening renters, managing lease agreements, and collecting monthly rent.

Beautiful listings

Create an information-rich property listing designed to answer every question that a prospect might have.

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Viewing windows

Make certain times of the day available.

Access instructions

Tell everyone how to find and enter the unit.

Do you meet the requirements?

You pass 3/3 requirements to view this rental


Annual income over 40x the rent

Credit & background

Less than 1 eviction judgement

Credit score over 700

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You’re touring a place in South Tampa, FL

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121 Rogers Ave, 2A

1:00 - 2:00 PM

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Apartment entryway listing photoApartment kitchen listing photo

$3,200 /month

Entire place in South Tampa, FL

2 Beds · 2 Baths · Partially furnished

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Prequalified renters

Save time by preventing anyone without the required qualifications and backup docs from applying.

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Income documentation

Require tax returns and employer confirmations.

Credit and background checks

Screen for spotty rental or payment records.

Employment & income


Must earn a minimum of 3 times the monthly rent

Verified by

Tax returns

CPA letter

Rental history


Must have no more than 1 eviction action filed
Must have no more than 2 missed rent payments

Verified by

Rent payments

Landlord letter

Credit score


FICO score must be greater than 700 points

Verified by

Recent credit report

Leases and rent

Share and sign your lease agreement online then make sure its key terms are clear and enforced.

Read more about leasing

Recurring rent

Accept cards or ACH, require autopay

Security deposits

Collect a deposit to protect against damage

Security deposit

Require a deposit with the first rent payment

Security deposit amount



Rent collection

Rent is late if it arrives after

The 7th of the month


Tenants are requested to setup automatic payments

Unit utilities

All utilities are included with monthly rent

Property care

Track your home's maintenance

Maintain your property and preserve its value with digital home inspections, issue tracking, and a shareable roster of preferred service providers along with what they're best at and how much they cost.

Your A-team, on call

Build a reliable team of pros so you never forget who to hire when something comes up.

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Spending controls for work orders are enabled


Maximum cost of an individual work order:



Service providers

Only request maintenance work from these providers:

Leonard’s Appliances



Plumbers United



Track every issue

Open, watch, share, and resolve all the issues associated with each home.

Read more about issues

Maintenance issues

Service type



Pest control

Termite damage



Broken stair railing



Oven not heating



New outlet



Repair lawn grass


Financial control

Minimize late or lost rent

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual expense reporting. Quick, easy, and accurate snapshots of income associated with each property.

A single snapshot

Automated rent payments with effortless tracking let you stay on top of rental revenue without extra work.

Read more about automated rent

No room for human error

Reminders, precise calculations, and auto-debits.

Simplify tax season

Export financials in one click for easy sharing.

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