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Get someone else paying your rent so you can leave for good or just for a few months.

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Invest from anywhere

Find and keep great tenants without being there or hiring anyone.

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Hang our magic keybox on your door, pack your bags, and go. We make sure renters can easily get inside to check the place out and then move in.

Stay focused on your life

No need to become a part-time real estate broker. We’ll select the most qualified applicant and get them approved by your landlord.

Forget about your lease

If your subtenant leaves early we'll get your place rented again, no questions asked. If anything is damaged, we'll inspect and pay you out.


get your time back

$79 /month

Cancel anytime with no surprise or hidden fees

Stop doing it yourself

Hand us a few units and watch from the sidelines as we handle showings and applicants, then delight your tenants so they never want to leave.

Become a better investor

Focus on growing your portfolio rather than the nitty gritty of lease negotiations, tenant screening, or rent collection.

Keep more rental income

All the benefits of a local real estate agent or property management firm for a fraction of the cost and never any surprise or hidden fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Need more help?
  • Yes. You can manage rental units and tenants in any location throughout the United States. If you list on our marketplace to find a tenant you'll have the most success in our most popular markets, which include New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

  • Yes, Caretaker does partner with local real estate agents whose clients need help managing their rentals. Get in touch to see if we're actively seeking partner agents in your area.
  • Property managers are welcome to use Caretaker to list availabilities, offer contactless viewings and screen applicants.