property records

Check a home's history before you buy or renovate.

Avoid nasty surprises. Access all the documents about a property that brokers and inspectors won’t tell you about

  • Permitting history and code violations

  • Architectural, structural, and electrical plans


100% online. No waits, phone calls, paper forms or checks. Submit the address and receive your property records over email

Fast turnaround

Make pressing decisions about a property with your eyes wide open. Get all your documents in 3-5 business days


We’ll send you every shred of available information about your property along with all supporting drawings and plans

Our offering

Every historical record

All of the information you need to make the right decisions. If it’s passed through a government agency and pertains to your property - you’ll get it.

  • Inspections

  • Code violations

  • Permit applications

  • Surveys & site plans

  • Original construction docs

  • Environmental concerns

Catch any red flags

We pulled out of a deal after seeing that every major improvement had been done by unlicensed contractors.

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Jon Schonwald


I discovered that a house needed a new roof even though the owners didn't disclose it - and negotiated a better price.

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Carly Knowles


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Locations we serve

Ready to get your documents? Check to see if Caretaker's property records service is available in your city or town.

Current locations
  • St Louis, MO

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Chicago, IL

  • Nashville, TN

  • Richmond, VA

  • Little Rock, AR

Future locations
  • West Palm Beach, FL

  • Fayetteville, AR

  • New Orleans, LA

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How it works

Many states have enacted laws requiring certain government records - documents used for the official acts of public officials and employees - to be open to the public. Our agents will make a record request on your behalf

Submit request

Provide us with the exact address for which you need the property records.

Wait 3-5 days

Our team will work with city officials to gather all of the documents you need.

Receive records

We send you all historical records for your property as email attachments.

We know local gov

No need to wait on the phone or fill out forms. Our agents work with local officials all day long


Simple, one-time fee

Caretaker charges a fee to get you your property records. This covers the cost of our time plus any administrative fees charged by local governments




Easy and full refund if you don't get all the records within a week.

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