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If you've listed or managed a unit with us recently, you've surely noticed some major changes. Most notably, there's now a management dashboard just for landlords and listers.

This change left renters out in the cold. That's why we just launched a brand new experience for renters: Apartment App. You can login right now using the same username and password you use for Caretaker.

We called it Apartment App because it's for your apartment, and it's mobile first. Here's a quick refresh on what you can do:

Search for listings

Pretty self-explanatory - search all you want right here.

Schedule viewings

Pick a viewing slot to see a place in-person. If there aren't any viewing slots you can click to request them.

Apply using the information in your profile

Your profile is where you add or update things like employment and credit score. Some listings won't allow you to submit an application unless your profile meets certain requirements.

Pay your rent

Pay with a card or your bank account - you can even enroll in autopay!

Message your landlord

You'll be able to directly message any lister once you've submitted an application.


Email our team: help@apartment.app


Alex Hance is the Head of Customer Experience at Caretaker. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

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