You get a call from your tenant at 11pm saying the heat isn't working. Now you have to dig out the phone number of the HVAC guy close to your tenant and set up a time to get it fixed.

If you use Caretaker, you don't have to be the one to worry about it. We take care of that.

Handling issues as they happen

"Issues" form the core of our maintenance system. Tenants can report issues of any kind through Apartment app, such as:

  • The heat going out
  • The basement flooding
  • The fridge not cooling

Or any other kind of damage. Any issues your tenant reports, we can handle. Issues go directly to the Caretaker support team. We review the issues, converse with the tenant, and contract with service providers. We stick with the issue until it's done.

The best part? You don't have to do a thing. We'll take care of the issue and post updates on our work.

Set it and forget it

We let you decide how we handle issues before they happen. This includes:

  • Choosing which service providers should work on each type of issue.
  • Specify how much we can spend before reaching out for your explicit approval.

Each of these settings guide our algorithms and support team. Set them once, and every future issue gets handled without you having to lift a finger.

We're just getting started

While Caretaker currently handles issues for you, this is only the beginning. We want to be able to automate all aspects of ongoing unit maintenance for you. We've got features in progress that will allow you to:

  • Specify issues you'd like the tenant to fix themselves.
  • Use supplies you've stocked in the unit so you don't have to pay a contractor.
  • Generate a "Home handbook" for your tenant to guide them through their tenancy.
  • Schedule regular inspections of your unit to stop issues before they start.

If any of these sound particularly exciting to you, let us know! We're still in the midst of designing these features and we'd love your ideas.


Keegan Jorgensen is the Head of Engineering at Caretaker. He loves finding ways to make users' lives less complicated.

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