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Landlord Entry Laws in California

Cal. Civ. Code §1954 explains when a landlord in California can enter a tenant’s unit and how much notice they must give before entering. The law states that entry must occur within normal business hours unless the tenant agrees to a different time. It also says that a landlord may not abuse their access to a unit or use it to harass a tenant.

Reasons a landlord may enter

  • In case of emergency
  • To make repairs or alterations to the unit that are necessary or have been agreed upon
  • To show the unit to potential tenants or inspectors
  • If the tenant has abandoned the unit
  • If a court order has been issued giving them permission to enter

Notice required before entry

In California, a landlord must provide notice before entering your unit for any non-emergency reason. To show a unit or make repairs, a landlord must give 24 hours notice. The law requires 48 hours notice be given before performing a move-out inspection. No notice is required if there is an emergency, if the tenant has abandoned the unit, or if you are present and give your permission for the landlord to enter.

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