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The Best Deadbolt Smart Lock for Showings

Most deadbolts were built for homeowners not real estate operators, so make sure to choose one that works best for showings.

If the unit’s door has a deadbolt above the handle itself then you can attach a smart lock "retrofit deadbolt" to the existing locking mechanism with a few minutes and a screwdriver. The locking infrastructure stays the same, but you now control what it does digitally. If it doesn't, the shape is weird so that the retrofits don't fit your door, or you're doing a gut renovation then you can to replace the lock completely with a deadbolt smart lock. In terms of lock functionality once everything it setup, the functionality of a retrofit deadbolt versus a deadbolt replacement are the same.

Pros: More functionality, including a sensor in the lock so you always know if it's locked and the ability to know instantly if the prospect showed up for the viewing or not. Cons: Relies on WiFi and will need more frequent battery replacement

We compared the August Smart Lock Pro, Latch's C Series (deadbolt retrofit) and M Series (deadbolt replacement), Schlage's Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Kwikset's Halo and Igloohome's deadbolt.

Best Smart Deadbolt for Price

Winner: Kwikset Halo

Deadbolts range in price from $179 to $249. The Kwikset lock will save you $40.

Best Smart Deadbolt for Safety

Winner: Igloohome

Igloohome wins the security prize for the same reasons that its keybox is the safest keybox on the market. One, their lock works without WiFi, which makes it less vulnerable to hacking. Two, their algoPIN technology (which is what allows them to generate pin codes without WiFi) creates the codes using a system that is similar to the Time Based One Time Passwords used by banks. Pin codes don't just stop working as soon as they're used, they only work within a specific and precise time frame. This is the best way to stop bad actors from sharing codes with friends, potentially letting in people who haven't been authenticated.

Best Smart Deadbolt for Renter Experience

Winner: Latch M series or C series

Latch is the winner here because their lock can generate an unlimited number of pin codes on daily basis. This doesn't matter for homeowners, but matters a lot to you since you may be facilitating up to twenty unique showings a day.

Feature comparison

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