Flip is Now Caretaker - Here’s Why


Get out of your lease, without the fees

Get someone else paying your rent so you can leave early without any stress or penalty fees.

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Tell us about your lease

Not sure if you're allowed to sublet, transfer or break your lease? We'll figure it out for you.

How we check eligibility

Grumpy landlord approved

Landlords love us! We always make sure new renters meet or exceed their expectations, no matter what.

Tricky leases, handled

Worried you're stuck in an iron-clad lease? Don't fret - we'll read it and tell you what we think.


Find a replacement renter

Start marketing your place and hosting viewings. Set up our magic keybox if you want renters to let themselves in.

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Scheduling made easy

Set preferred calendar times for viewings so renters can choose one without any hassle.

We keep you safe

Every viewer gets authenticated by Caretaker and agrees to COVID-19 safety guidelines.


Get on with your life

We made subletting so easy you'll forget it's even happening, so you can focus on the rest of your life.

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Sweet, sweet freedom

We handle all of the landlord paperwork and any concerns the new tenant has.

Stay protected

Easy sublease agreements, rent payouts and security deposits to protect you against damages.

Move on your terms

Buying a home? Starting a family? Changing jobs? Life doesn’t always fit neatly with your lease terms. Caretaker lets you go after your next big move without stress.

29 /month

Cancel anytime

Way less than a lease break fee

Get some peace of mind by handing the dirty work to our team of sublet and lease takeover experts.

Landlord assistance

  • We contact your landlord for you

  • We prepare all the right paperwork

  • We get you explicit, written approval

Rent protection

  • Require automatic rent deposits

  • Alert system for failed payments

  • Request instant rent payouts

Leaseholder hotline

  • Lease and local law review

  • Your questions get prioritized

  • We handle any subtenant issues

Key transfers

  • Included smart keybox rental

  • Grant remote access for viewings

  • Transfer keys for move-in

Managed security deposits

  • We hold your subtenants deposit in escrow

  • Make a claim at any time to cover damages

  • We review and take care of claim disputes

Inspections system

  • Document existing damages before leaving

  • Require subtenants to agree

  • Get your security deposit back in full

Not sure if this will work?

Upload your lease and we'll check for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Need more help?
  • If you haven't yet brought up your departure to your landlord and you aren't sure what they'll say, it's almost always better to let us handle the talking and the paperwork. We've gotten tons of sublets approved by all types of landlords across the country so we're pretty good at making sure the process goes smoothly!
  • If your landlord is opposed to a sublet it's most likely because they're trying to avoid letting someone live in their building who hasn't gone through the same qualification checks that you went through! Since Caretaker screens interested renters before you hear from them, this shouldn't be a problem, but we work it out with your landlord once we get started.
  • Send them the link to your listing and this guide on applying to a Caretaker listing. Once they click the apply button on your listing they'll be taken through the necessary screening steps, including filling out extra paperwork required by your building.
  • Yes. Managing the sublet of a room in a shared place works the same as for the entire rental, except that we'll also recommend a roommate agreement. Also, your landlord may not require written approval of a room sublet.