What is the Caretaker Protection Policy?

We stand behind our systems for qualifying renters and enforcing leases. That's why we cover up to $10,000 in late rent, missing rent, property damages or theft.

Rent coverage

Sudden hits to monthly cash flow can be stressful, and our Applications and Leases systems were designed to minimize them. As a Caretaker customer your annual rental income would remain uninterrupted under this program up to $5,000 per year. This maximum applies regardless of how many units you have on our platform.

The only requirement is that the tenant must have been screened and found via Caretaker using our minimum recommended tenant qualification criteria. As soon as an alert is triggered about late rent, our team will attempt to work out a resolution plan with the tenant to get them back on track. Inherited tenants can be covered on a case-by-case basis - please reach out to our support team for more info.

Damage coverage

We cover any damages caused by a tenant or by a prospective tenant during a showing.

When a tenant moves out, Caretaker will cover costs for property damage beyond normal wear and tear that exceeds the amount of the security deposit. We will cover the difference up to $5,000.

If damages or theft are reported during and Caretaker-managed showings have been taking place we will be responsible for covering the cost of these damages up to $5,000. The damage must have occurred during a self-tour managed by Caretaker for this coverage to be applicable.

Making a Claim

In most cases our team will register the issue first and let you know about your coverage. You can contact Caretaker support immediately if an incident occurs on property that you think should be covered and that we haven't yet been made aware of.

Who's eligible?

The Caretaker Protection Policy applies to customers on our Leaseholder, Entrepreneur or Mogul plans.

Other Policies

The Insurance Policy is not a substitute for landlord insurance, renters insurance or homeowners insurance.

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