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Illegal Evictions and Lockouts in Texas

Your landlord is illegally evicting you if they change the locks, use force them selves without involving the courts, or falsify just cause for eviction.

There are circumstances where an eviction is simply illegal as a matter of law in Texas. A landlord cannot evict a tenant based on race, sex, national origin, disability or family status or to retaliate against a tenant who files maintenance requests or complaints about the condition of the property. An eviction is also illegal if the landlord does not follow the formal legal process for evicting the tenant.

If your landlord illegally evicts you in Texas then you're entitled to get a Writ of Reentry from the justice court to regain possession of your dwelling. Your landlord could be liable for one month’s rent plus $500, actual damages, court costs and attorney’s fees. The landlord can request a hearing on the lockout within eight days after you gain reentry. The hearing will be held within a week after the landlord’s request.

If you owe rent, it will be subtracted from any money you receive as damages.

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