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Getting Landlord Approval for a Lease Assignment

Lease assignments always require a fair amount of paperwork and you will need to work closely with your landlord to seal the deal.

Most leases have a clause that requires you to get written consent from your landlord before you assign your lease. Take a look at your lease to see if it addresses lease assignment and the process you should follow. If not, your best bet is to send a letter that clearly outlines the terms of your own lease agreement and include the following information:

  • The date of the proposed assignment (at least 30 days from when your landlord will receive the letter)
  • The name of the proposed assignee
  • Your reason for leaving permanently
  • The written consent of any co-tenants (or roommates if you're only assigning your share in the lease)

Optionally, you can mention any local laws that address whether or not your landlord is required to accept the assignment.

You also need to attach two documents to your letter:

  • A completed rental application containing your applicant's background, identity, financial, and credit information
  • An assignment agreement, signed by you and your applicant, with a section for your landlord to sign as well.

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