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What Agreements Should I Have My Subletter Sign?

When you sublet, you should make sure to sign a legally binding agreement. You can also sign a roommate agreement to formalize house rules.

When you choose to sublet your place to another renter, there is always some level of risk. What if they destroy your place? Terrorize your neighbors and get you evicted? Pay rent late—or, worse, stop paying rent at all? Refuse to leave? Leave without telling you?

Legal agreements help to protect you from all this. If you don't define the above concerns and agree on what you will do in each scenario, then you may have no recourse.

Types of agreements

There are two agreements that you should review with your subtenant:

Don't feel like creating your own contracts? Caretaker is designed to take as much risk off of your plate as possible. If you set up a listing on Caretaker, you will get a customized sublet agreement, which you can edit and sign as needed.

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