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How Much Can Landlords Charge for Security Deposits?

The answer depends on the laws in your state—although one month’s rent is common.

It finally happened. You found a rental that you like (and a landlord who will let you live there). Now, it’s time to sign the lease—and immediately shell out hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for a security deposit. It’s a lot of money. You may be wondering if there are any rules about how much your landlord can require you to pay.

As with most rental law-related questions, the answer depends on where you live. A number of states cap how much landlords can ask you to put down for a security deposit. Often, it’s the equivalent of one month’s rent. But there are states, like New Jersey and California, that set the limit higher. There are also a lot of places—including Texas, Colorado, and Washington—with no legal limit at all.

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