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How Long Does My Landlord Have to Make Repairs in California?

Your landlord in California has a "reasonable" amount of time to make a repair—anywhere between one and 30 days, depending on the problem.

California law requires you to wait a "reasonable" amount of time after sending your landlord repair request before taking matters into your own hands. Although that's a pretty typical legal term, it's frustratingly vague as a renter trying to get something fixed.

If you’re dealing with an emergency—like a hole in your apartment roof when rain is on the forecast, or a broken lock on your front door—then a reasonable amount of time to wait for a repair is probably closer to 24 hours.

For anything less pressing, your best bet is to wait 30 days before you hire a contractor yourself and deduct the cost from your rent. State law says that's often considered a reasonable amount of time.

This lengthy time frame is why it's so important for you to use certified mail when you send your landlord a written request for repairs. It creates a clear start date for the 30-day period—and your landlord won't be able to claim that they never saw the request.

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